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OE Industry is the official partner of the OSRAM brand!

We are releasing the potential of light!

We are not all aware, but OSRAM is a leader when it comes to providing light sources, as well as the latest, innovative technologies for the production of  Automotive headlights and  electronics. For many years, OSRAM diodes have been in our headlights, we have been using OSRAM technology in the production of lighting systems for many years, but today we decide to release the entire potential, the strategic cooperation of both companies.


OSRAM brand

The world's largest manufacturer of light sources used in the automotive industry. The company offers a wide range of light sources for passenger vehicles, trucks and motorbikes. Moreover, the manufacturer provides comprehensive, innovative solutions based on LED technology such as Matrix systems or laser modules and OLED.


Product offer

OSRAM offers a wide and innovative range of lighting solutions, where you can find both standard products of the highest quality and those that are distinguished by their exceptional productivity, aesthetic lighting or long durability.

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