Every challenge we have faced and every innovation we have introduced was once a problem for our customers.


Over the years, we have steadily become the supplier and brand of choice in the automotive lighting industry.


Because we see opportunity for change and growth where our customers hit constraints.


We accelerate their success by offering the peace of mind that comes from working with the right people. With OE Industry. Bold creators of the lighting industry and a proven, trusted supplier.



We are all part of a technological revolution. In such a rapidly changing world, the winners are those who have the competences to understand these changes. And the courage to be part of them.

At OE Industry, partnership is synonymous with responsibility. For the success of every customer.  Both globally and locally.

We will provide you with solutions of unquestionably excellent quality and in an extremely short time — because they are ready to install straight away.

What will never change at OEI is business honesty and reliability. They guide us in our work. Now and always.

Rapidity, which guarantees your success.

Reliability, which gives you peace of mind about the result.

And honesty, because we are a partner — as a supplier and as a manufacturer.

OE Industry Partners:

We are proud to call ourselves a partner of the best in the market.
Their quality is part of the quality we offer to you.
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Facts instead of promises

Anyone can write “We are the best.” OE Industry has strong evidence to prove it.
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