Design emotions that are never forgotten

Every design is a technology hidden under a shell that you... look at.

That's why we make product design memorable. Intrigue. Delight. Hold attention for longer.

Design is responsible for how your brand is perceived. So we make sure that it expresses exactly what you want the way you want it. And maybe even more?

If beauty and elegance sell better, why should you compromise?

Uncompromisingly functional, incomparably stunning: the original products from OE Industry.


Design emotions that are never forgotten - 1

Aesthetics in the best light

Don't choose between ”well done" and ”good looking". Now you can have it all.

In addition to a sophisticated style, what does OE Industry give you?

SOLIDITY: outstanding precision - we focus and work on the smallest details, ready for installation in your vehicle.

SPEED: saving you time - we work with outstanding precision, but also quickly. Always one step ahead of everyone else.

SINCERITY: being up to date - we know all the latest trends in the automotive industry and we always share our knowledge with you.

A perfect whole means equally perfect parts. That is why we devote all our attention to each of them. So that the customer can say one thing: it's worth it.

Designers, graphic, partners

Design Lab OEI is an in-house department of design and computer graphics specialists. The best support OE Industry engineers can get.

While engineers work on how a device functions, designers care about the impression it makes.

They're two components of a future whole – a great product that sells well.

Designers, graphic, partners