Constructor means partner

Every project has its beginning

We start with a conversation. That’s the basis of the collaboration, which allows us to figure out where you want to be when we finish the project. And how to get there much faster than you expect.

Because honesty and openness have enormous power. Also in design and engineering.

At OE Industry, we make you feel confident and secure from the first day we work together. Your goals and wishes are also ours.

Wondering what the benefits of such an individual approach to each project are?

> Lower costs,
> Faster production,
> Original solutions,
> Stunning design,
> Complete satisfaction.

You deserve the highest quality.

Professionalism from the outset

01. Design
02. Construction
03. Prototype
04. Certification
Implementation and after-sales support
05. Implementation and after-sales support

A methodology for excellence

Reliability built up over the years.

Today, OE Industry is more than just a distributor of top quality automotive lighting solutions. It's a real powerhouse: an independent, versatile, and surprisingly fast supplier of original designs.

The years we have spent learning, gathering experience, listening carefully to our customers, and building a great team have led to a change. A change that can be easily described as revolutionary.

Once, we relied on ready-made elements; today, we rely on our experience and competences. We talk, analyze, design, create 3D prototypes, test, test and then test again.

Everything we create for you is thought out and calculated. As a result, you know that you will get from us exactly what you need. And often more and faster.

When quality is not enough...

Your time is the most important thing. That is why the entire solution development process at OE Industry is designed to give you weeks of competitive advantage.
This is our standard.


A methodology for excellence - 1 A methodology for excellence - 2 A methodology for excellence - 3

Dynamic Accuracy™

3xS: OE Industry's secret weapon

Discover our 3xS values:
> speed
> solidity
> sincerity

We understand the automotive industry very well and we never take any shortcuts. And yet, with OE Industry, you will reach your goal faster than you might expect.


It all starts with the first conversation.

We know what to ask about, how to define the problem, and how to identify the challenge and select the right tools and team.

Partnership means responsibility.

That's why the design process at OE Industry is so meticulous and includes: thermal calculations, optimization of performance, comfort, and reliability, design, 3D design, structural design, component manufacturing, production of a complete solution, final assembly, quality testing, performance testing, certification, and technical and after-sales support.

Because we know you want to be ahead of the competition.

Years of experience and the knowledge we have acquired (and are still acquiring) have allowed us to thoroughly analyze and optimize every component of the design process.