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"MORE LIGHT by RFT Technology" standard

More light output, lower purchase price, fewer LEDs and reduced power consumption. Is that possible? Yes, it is. These are the benefits of LED headlamps that utilize  two reflection technologies:Free-form (FF) and Reflector Facing TechnologyTM. Light distribution is better, a wider area is illuminated  and the light is friendlier, which altogether improves working conditions. This is a new chapter in the history of LED lighting and the future of urban public transportation headlamps.

New chapter in the history of LED lighting  

RFT has made it possible to overcome constraints  in the manufacturing of small-sized projector lens headlamps. A light emitting diode oriented towards a computer-designed reflective surface reflects the light wider and closer than a projector lens is capable of doing. More importantly this new, technologically advanced product offers better parameters at the same price as previous solutions.


LED headlamps have come of age in  the lighting sector. Headlamps reinforce the personality of brands and visual attractiveness of different designs to a greater extent than did traditional bulbs used as recently as 5 years ago. When we need a small-sized headlamp, RFT  is the preferred choice for a perfect solution. RFT lamp housings can be slimmer and the lamps smaller, which implies more flexibility for designers.

Future of city automotive headlamps

Public transportation is the primary beneficiary of RFT. Representatives of the sector have recently held extensive discussions as to whether LED projector lens headlamps  perform well  within a city. Many claimed that they are too focused and do not illuminate the side of the road sufficiently. That they are too cold and the cut-off line is too sharp, which as a result produces shadows. RFT outweighs the discussion because it provides more light with superior  parameters. Undoubtedly,  urban public transportation  does not require the same kind of headlamps  as long-distance vehicles. RFT is the solution of the future for urban public transportation.

What does LED RFT offer?

LED RFT headlamps deliver better light parameters at lower operational costs. A technologically advanced product at the same  price  as previous models . This means more light for less.

The shape of the light beam and the ability  to control it provide more light. RFT headlamps in a bus illuminate a wider area of the side of the road, ensure better working conditions for the driver and provide friendlier light for other road users.  And all of this is made possible with the use of fewer diodes and lower power consumption. RFT are cheaper to produce and cost less to operate. Power consumption is lower and amounts to 12W, as compared to 25-35W, in both main beam and low beam headlamps. Thus lower purchase costs of headlamps for automotive manufacturers. RFT means more light for less.

Replace a halogen lamp with LED using RFT

Urban headlamps are by far becoming the most widespread of all automotive headlamps. Nonetheless, a wide range of RFT headlamps is already available in Poland. In addition, our portfolio includes headlampswarning lamps and working lamps that provide additional lighting, as well as solutions for custom-made vehicles, including off-road vehicles.

Beam pattern is extremely important for headlamps to avoid blinding   other road users. RFT seems to be the best solution as the reflector directs the light beam very precisely. OE Industry offers headlamps  that substitute serially installed  headlamps. They come  with cables and a connector that enables them to be  installed straight into the standard vehicle electrical wiring.


For spotlights installed as additional lighting, the light beam pattern is extremely important so as not to lose energy by illuminating the area above the road. This kind of lighting works particularly well in fog. We recommend the Explorer light bar, which is an officially certified substitute for vehicle lamps, offering spotlights and floodlights. The RFT lamp is enclosed in a lightweight, aluminium housing, combined with the electronics and optic elements. These parameters secured  ECE R10 and R112 homologation. The light bar  is  very good value for money. The current draw is lower and  light efficiency higher. This product was developed by a large group of specialists in optics and design. User assessments were taken into consideration during the design process of the light bar.


Working lamps are required to  provide excellent illumination of a wide beam pattern and  distance of up to 20  metres. When used, RFT  produces a concentrated light stream with a minimal number of LEDs as it maximises the amount of light produced by  each LED. This ensures lower power consumption. In addition, each lamp is equipped  with a polycarbonate lens and a compact and robust aluminium housing. The housing is powder - coated, with a new high corrosion - resistant coating which dissipates heat from the LED chips more efficiently and has a longer lifespan.

Our lamp range has been enhanced with a hand-held searchlight. Its 5-m cable with a IP68 rated dust and liquid protected switch connects  the searchlight to a cigarette lighter socket (DC 9-36 V) to produce a bright 6000K light. The hand-held searchlight uses RFT technology with a  light emitting diode oriented towards a computer-designed reflective surface that reflects the light wider and closer than a projector lens. This searchlight with a 5-metre cable and a plug to connect the searchlight to a cigarette lighter socket is essential for all long journeys as well as off-road trips. Useful for  truck and bus drivers as well as for drivers of passenger cars, including off-road vehicles.


The same is true for warning lights in which case light efficiency prevails over battery saving. OE Industry lamps are compact in size and modern in design.

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